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Credits and Acknowlegements

The SuperCOSMOS Sky Survey project, whose results are presented in the SuperCOSMOS Science Archive, owes its existence and success to a large number of individuals. On the hardware side, many people at the former Royal Observatory Edinburgh (many now within the United Kingdom Astronomy Technology Centre) were involved; particular thanks are due to Bill Cormack, Lance Miller, Magnus Paterson, Jim Herd, Janette Jameson, Tom Paul, Richard Bennett and Joel Sylvester. On the software side, we acknowledge the support of Steven Beard, Clive Davenhall, Bernard McNally and Mike Irwin. Obviously, the surveys would have been impossible without the diligence of many observers at the Schmidt telescopes, and many talented photographers in the development and copying laboratories. On the UK Schmidt side, we acknowledge the efforts of Malc Hartley, Ken Russell, Russell Cannon, Debi Allan, Fenella Stuart-Hamilton and Jason Cowan. Funding for the Wide Field Astronomy Unit at the Institute for Astronomy at the University of Edinburgh is provided by the UK Science and Technology Facilities Council (formerly PPARC). We acknowledge the use of Starlink computing facilities at the Institute for Astronomy, and thank Microsoft for provision of the SQL Server database management system via the Academic Alliance scheme.

The National Geographic Society-Palomar Observatory Sky Survey (POSS-I) was made by the California Institute of Technology with grants from the National Geographic Society. The UK Schmidt Telescope was operated by the Royal Observatory Edinburgh, with funding from the UK Science and Engineering Research Council (later the UK Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council), until 1988 June, and thereafter by the Anglo-Australian Observatory. The blue plates of the southern sky atlas and its equatorial extension (together known as the SERC-J/EJ) as well as the Equatorial Red (ER), the second-epoch (red) Survey (SES or AAO-R) and the infrared (SERC-I) Survey were taken with the UK Schmidt Telescope. All data retrieved from the SuperCOSMOS Science Archive are subject to the copyright given in this copyright summary. Copyright information specific to individual plates is provided in the headers of the FITS files downloadable from the SuperCOSMOS Sky Survey image extraction page.

Special thanks go to Jim Gray (MicroSoft Research) and Alex Szalay and Ani Thakar (Johns Hopkins University), without whose detailed help and advice over many months the creation of the SuperCOSMOS Science Archive would have been immeasurably harder.

Acknowledging use of the SuperCOSMOS Science Archive

If you have used the SuperCOSMOS Science Archive for your research, please include the following acknowledgement in any publications:
This research has made use of data obtained from the SuperCOSMOS Science Archive, prepared and hosted by the Wide Field Astronomy Unit, Institute for Astronomy, University of Edinburgh, which is funded by the UK Science and Technology Facilities Council.

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