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SSA - Questions and Answers page

Before contacting us if you have a query about accessing the SSA please see if it has already been covered in the Q&A listed below. ESO/SRC Schmidt survey field numbers:
Tables FIELD and FIELDSYSTEM contain descriptive data for the Schmidt survey field centres used in the source photographic material. A field identifier (based on the ESO/SRC system) is also available for every record in DETECTION in the attribute SSAfield. Furthermore, you can extract this field identifier information from the attributes objID in both DETECTION and SOURCE - the two most significant bytes of the 8-byte integer that makes up each objID are in fact the ESO/SRC field number in which the source lies. Hence, if you are querying SOURCE (or any of it's defined views) you can output the ESO/SRC field number by simple manipulation of objID (rather than by an inefficient join with DETECTION) as follows:
SELECT (objID & 0xffff00000000)/0x100000000 as esoSrcFldNum, ...
FROM Source
or alternatively, you can select from a given ESO/SRC field via:
SELECT ra, dec, ...
FROM Source
WHERE (objID & 0xffff00000000)/0x100000000 = 411
for example, to select from the SGP field.

Coordinates - decimal degrees, sexagesimal:
Coordinates in the SSA are stored as decimal degrees. The radial search page does accept sexagesimal format but the results are returned as decimal degrees. Elsewhere e.g. entering constraints in the menu query or freeform SQL pages values must be entered as decimal degrees.

Connection problems - port 8080 (wireless network):
SSA access is carried on port 8080. Please make sure your network/firewall has this port open (this was first reported by a user trying to access the SSA from a wireless network.

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