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Radial search - help page

This page provides guidance on how to use the radial search form. This form allows users quick access to searching the main SSA object catalogues (SOURCE and DETECTION). Guidelines applicable to all methods of access are given in the data access page.

Users must supply either a position (RA/Dec or Galactic) or object name and a search radius in arcminutes. Coordinates can be in sexagesimal or decimal degrees and the system (J2000/B1950/Galactic) must also be specified. Supplied object names are resolved using Simbad.

Large area searches ( radius > 60 arcmin) can take a few minutes writing the results to file so it is recommended that an email address be supplied.

For quick look small area searches (1-5 arcminues) it's possible to view the entire results in the returned HTML table summary. If you want all the results of searches that find more than 100 objects then specify ASCII or FITS (see data access for further details of limits).

The final section of the form is optional and allows more control.

Select - A default set of parameters is returned by the search unless it is overridden by a supplied comma-separated list. The default parameters for the SOURCE and DETECTION tables are listed here. You can append to the default set by adding extra parameters e.g by entering default,prfStatB

From - Most users will want to access the SOURCE object catalogue table however if you want to search the unmerged DETECTION table you can specify it here.

Where - The final text box allows you to place constraints on the query e.g. if you are searching the SOURCE table you might like to impose a quality cut by for example entering qualB < 2048 and qualR1 < 2048 and qualR2 < 2048 and qualI < 2048

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